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Here at HiPro Atlanta, we make sure that you make use of your living space wisely. With simple yet sophisticated and functional home improvement ideas, your apartment will instantly become your dream home. But before you redesign your home, there are certain things that you have to consider. In this blog, you will learn about the essentials of apartment renovation, home inspection, and home improvement. Hundreds of Atlanta homeowners trust HiPro to guide them in revamping and redesigning their spaces, and their satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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The Five-Year Rule

Experts say you have to consider the so-called “five-year rule” when it comes to renting a home. That is, if you plan to stay in the apartment for more than five years, you can redesign it in your standards, regardless of what its market value will be. But if you do not plan on staying that long, then there is no point in redesigning the place.

If you really want to renovate the place badly, even if you intend to move to another location eventually, then you have to compare the renovation price versus the cost of moving into a new place that does not need maintenance yet. Most times, it is usually a better idea to move to a new space that may be more expensive, rather than spending tons of dollars for the renovation of an old apartment.

Following this rule, it is also wise to get rid of the items that you have not used in the past five years to minimize clutter and optimize your living space. These items can be donated or recycled to something that will be more useful to you. Getting rid of unused items in your home is an effective way to make your home feel fresh again.

Home Renovation Does Not Have To Be Grand

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Redesigning your home does not have to be an overhaul at once. You can always start with smaller, inexpensive projects that can increase the value of your home. Minor fixes like repainting your walls, buying new curtains, cleaning your windows, and replacing your old door knobs can be a quick start to your home improvement. These minor changes can surprisingly transform your home into something more attractive without spending too much at a time.

Making sure your appliances are in good condition is also important. There are abundant home inspection services in Atlanta to check your appliances, home machines, and electrical circuits regularly. Regular maintenance of your home will actually save you money in the long run, as you will not have to replace any major appliance at once. However, replacing your electrical appliances may be necessary when they have become potentially hazardous to your home.

Redoing portions of the house at once also works. You may want to start with the bathroom. Retiling the floor and reinstalling or replacing plumbing parts can be a good start. Your kitchen can also be a beginning point. People spend so much time in their kitchens, and it is quite valuable to the whole feel of the home. Renewing the layout of your cupboards or repainting your cabinets can be done without spending too much. Your bathroom and kitchen also make a big chunk of the value of your home once you decide to sell it or have it rented.

Refurbishing Household Items

The truth with renovation is, everything does not have to be new. A renovation can be quite costly and time-consuming, sometimes it is smart to refurbish old items in your home to save money and minimize trash as well. Have your old couch upholstered, or your old vintage mirror repainted. You can also make sure of old shelves and transform them into drawers or accent pieces. The basic idea here is to restore items that are not completely damaged, and repair as necessary.